Visu Contemporary is an artist first gallery where emphasis is placed on quality and presentation. Our mission is clear:

• Feature major artists while helping to develop emerging artists, through primary and secondary market sales.

• Contribute to the art history canon by presenting provocative and inclusive exhibitions, projects, installations, collaborations and performances.

• Make each exhibition a must see while inspiring curiosity and intrigue from each visitor.

• Grow arts & culture to help create a more vibrant community.

 Visu Contemporary — what’s interesting in art now.


“Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity. I don't see a different purpose for it now." -Dorothea Tanning


About Dr. Bruce M. Halpryn, Co-Owner/ Curator

Dr. Bruce M Halpryn is a serial entrepreneur, as the founder and leader of multiple start-up pharmaceutical companies at the forefront of early-phase new drug development and regulatory affairs. Bruce is currently the CEO, Co-Founder, and Board President of Eikonoklastes Therapeutics, where he continues to contribute his expertise. Bruce is also the Co-owner and Co-Curator with Blake Pearson, of VISU Contemporary art gallery, located in Miami Beach, directly behind The Bass Museum. Bruce is actively engaged in nurturing the arts community. His strategic guidance has been instrumental in shaping the future of numerous arts organizations, particularly in the artistic fields of dance, glass, photography and visual art in general. He has been a collector of art, with a large emphasis on photography, for over 40 years and has forged deep personal relationships with many of the artists in his collection. Bruce was the President of the Board of FotoFocus, the largest photography and other lens-based art biannual in the USA, for 8 years and remains on the board after reaching his term limit as President. Bruce is also a shareholder of the Cincinnati Art Museum, where he had a key role in creating and maintaining the Friends of Photography affinity group, and a role in numerous photography acquisitions for the museum collection, and underwriting of photography shows in the museum.


About Blake F. Pearson, Co-Owner/ Curator

Blake Pearson has represented and relentlessly pursued opportunities for artists for over 20 years. Pearson studied under master gelatin silver printers Gay Burke and Flemming Wilson, as well as other fine photography and art print makers, before working in art direction, design and art creation. His education in communications, art and photography as well as his love of conceptual artists, led him to found VISU in 2004- representing a single photographer. Not long after, Pearson helped elevate conceptual image making by being one of the first to bring together photographers, CGI and creative retouching artists to work with top creative directors. Since then Pearson has fostered all manner of artists and worked with the world’s most esteemed agencies and brands — with many VISU artists helping to win the world’s major awards (from Cannes Grand Prixs to Emmys). Pearson encourages artists he represents to support non-profits and social activism efforts. This has led to numerous global projects for organizations like Amnesty International, Union of Concerned Scientists, Lonely Whale Foundation and many others.